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Style Is The Answer To

Time flies when you’re having fun. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much fun being had over the past few months due to local lockdowns and pay cuts. Since meeting Ryan Middleton I’ve always wanted to work on at least one big annual project together, but with both of us having full-time work commitments and living so far away from each other, arranged dates were pushed back further and further, and a global pandemic was just another unexpected complication to add to our list of setbacks.


As Coronavirus restrictions eased, we both found some free time and got straight to work, first at a secret location built by the Yeti Trail Builders crew of grafters and shredders. Huge shout out to those guys for letting us go wild in their personal playground; these trails are some of the most impressive tracks I’ve ever seen, and they’ve all been sculpted by hand, presumably with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. The rest of our filming sessions were carried out closer to Ryan’s home of Dundee, except for an impromptu trip to Fort William as Ryan knew of a good spot to film on a left hip. I had to miss out on this session sadly, but local videographer/our good buddy Miles Mallinson stood in to take reigns behind the lens, and wait patiently whilst Ryan tried ‘one more time’ to correct that ever so important knee positioning.


Overall, the time spent filming was a lot of fun and I’m chuffed we have the finished video to remind us of some incredible sessions, despite the time surrounding these days being filled with the doom and gloom of COVID. I’d like say a massive thanks to Ryan for continually pushing the limits each time the camera came out, as well as providing some top quality off bike banter. We’d like to say a huge thanks again to the Yeti Trail Builders for allowing us to ride some of Scotland’s finest trails, Miles Mallinson for stepping in for the additional filming duties, Innes Graham for joining us on a trip to Blebo for an afternoon of photos, Kimberley Leel for helping out with additional super 8mm shots and anyone/everyone who has supported us in any way, shape or form. We hope this video inspires you to get out on your bike and have some fun.

Filmed in Scotland. Edited in the Shredquarters.


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- Stuart Leel

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